Editor's Picks

We at The Manufacturer are so excited by this conference. The speakers are asking some of the most fundamental questions that face UK manufacturing today. It is not too dramatic to suggest that the knowledge being imparted at this conference could determine the future success – or failure - of some companies. I think it is vital manufacturers take time out to visit.

The sessions have been brilliantly put together. I want to be at all of them, but these are my picks for a really rewarding visit. I have tried to recommend something for everyone. Check out the full programme to get the big picture.

June 6th: 11.30

The challenges facing the UK steel industry are immense, a mixture of cheap competition from abroad and high domestic energy input costs. The latter is critical. Peter Hurtig from Ovako in Sweden will be looking at the switch to green steel, which uses clean energy and recycling to overcome some of the current hurdles. Steel contributes 7% to global CO2 production – something has to change!

June 6th: 13.00

Michael Ward, CTO at the Advanced Forming Research Centre is delivering the Keynote on Day 1, and what a cracker. Will additive techniques supersede conventional methods such as forging and casting? This is one of the most fundamental issues facing manufacturers today, as these advanced technologies increase their grip on the sector. Anyone using forging or casting – you have to be at this one.

June 7th: 10.45

Are manufacturers fully aware of what the Apprentice Levy means to their business? It is the government's way of encouraging more young people into technical jobs. Will it work? How do you take advantage of it? Gareth Jones of In Comm Training will be providing the answers. The skills gap is one of the biggest challenges facing our economy – this is a must-attend.

June 8th: 10.00

I visited the production lines for the F-35 and the Typhoon at BAE the other day. Fascinating! The integrity of the metals they use is absolutely priority number one. Find out how and why metal parts fail, with Sarah Bagnall of R-Tech Services. Getting metal integrity right save money and improves productivity and profits. Working with metal? Be there.