Statii H17

Statii H17

Statii's recently released new ‘drag and drop’ production scheduling feature allows the user to auto-schedule operations as well as drag processes where they are required to start on the timeline and release the click once they have reached the desired point. The resources, whether these are pieces of equipment or operatives can be given flexible availability by setting available/unavailable rules to allow for downtime on the equipment or the labour element not being available. The operations can be set to ensure they run in the correct sequence and will automatically nudge forward if the proceeding operation or process exceeds the estimated time.

An option to auto schedule is also made available to the user, where the system will find the closest available slot for that particular process to ensure the job will complete on time. Any operations that will jeopardise this are highlighted immediately. 

All the data used within the production planning tool is fed from activity on the shop-floor in real time, thereby giving the user a clear insight into problems much earlier than any manual system. The system predicts actual finish times for each process and highlights to the User where they have overrun.

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